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Solid shapes worksheets contain differentiating between 2D and 3D shapes; relating solid shapes and real-life objects; labeling naming shapes; finding number of faces, edges and vertices; movements like roll, slide and stack; solid nets; printable charts and more. Please find exclusive worksheets on 2D shapes here: 2D Shapes Worksheets. Identify 1 Identify 2 Identify 3. Matching 1 Matching 2 Matching 3.

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Coloring 1 Coloring 2 Coloring 3. You have collection of shapes with the name under each shape. List out the 2D and 3D shapes in tabular column. Cut out the graphics, paste it under suitable categories plane shapes or solid shapes , and write the name of each shape.

Matching Object 1 Matching Object 2. Naming 1 Naming 2. Draw and Label: Type 1.

Write the name below each shape. Level 1 is suitable for beginners. As the level increases, number of shapes in each worksheet increases.

3D Shapes Worksheets

Color Display: Type 1 Type 2. Black and White Display: Type 1 Type 2.

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Counting 1 Counting 2. Movement 1 Movement 2.


Coloring Object 1 Coloring Object 2. Matching Nets 1 Matching Nets 2. Multiple choice 1 Multiple choice 2. Level 1 has sphere, rectangular prism cuboid , cube, pyramid, cone and cylinder.

As the level increases, sides of base of the prisms and pyramids increases; other shapes like hemi-sphere, ellipsoid and torus included. Level Level Level 2 Level 3. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4.

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  • Cube Cylinder Cone. Rectangular Prism Triangular Prism. Pentagonal Prism Hexagonal Prism. Square Pyramid Triangular Pyramid.

    Pentagonal Pyramid Hexagonal Pyramid. Members have exclusive facilities to download an individual worksheet, an entire level or the complete lesson. Login Become a Member.

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  • You have 2 different types to try. Properties - Faces, Edges and Vertices Real-life Object Count the number of faces, edges and vertices of each object and make the correct choice.

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    Counting 1 Counting 2 Download All Naming and Counting Each worksheet has 8 solid shapes writing name and finding number of faces, edges and vertices. Multiple choice 1 Multiple choice 2 Download All Charts: Shapes and Nets Solid shapes Chart Level 1 has sphere, rectangular prism cuboid , cube, pyramid, cone and cylinder.

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